Welcome! Thanks for visiting my blog! Wherever you are on your journey, I hope you’ll find something that will help you take the next step toward thriving, not just surviving, with fibromyalgia.

When I was first diagnosed in 2012, I honestly thought I could fix it. I’m a natural-born “fixer.” When something unexpected happens, my first thought is always, “How do I fix this?”. I got busy reading everything I could get my hands on and doing whatever I could to try to get better.

As the years wore on and I still wasn’t cured, I began to lose hope. I feared I would never have a “normal” life again. I realized that I had to take a more realistic view of my fibromyalgia and establish a new normal. I had to stop living in the past and how “I used to be” and learn to live my best life today. It was time to reclaim my hope!

I’ve used my experience as a certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach to develop a framework for thriving regardless of my circumstances, and though I may never be cured, I’m living a fulfilling life.

Robin Roberts, a cancer survivor and anchor of Good Morning America often says, “Make your mess your message” and I’m hoping by sharing my journey I can help you navigate this labyrinth of good days and bad days,symptoms and setbacks, ¬†and everything in between.

I know for me personally, the things that are most helpful are those that point me toward actions I can take, so much of what you’ll find here are practical steps that can be applied to your life, whatever your situation.

I’m a firm believer that God uses everything in our lives – He doesn’t let us suffer for no reason – and I pray He’ll use this to help you reclaim YOUR hope and move toward a more fulfilling life!