Football, Food, and Fibromyalgia: Finding Joy In The Simple Things

Football, Food, And Fibromyalgia: Finding Joy In The Simple Things, https://reclaiminghope.blogSo yesterday was the official start of football season in our house. I think it technically started last Thursday, but we only watch the games when one of our teams is playing. We have a divided household (I’m a Panthers fan, hubby’s a Giants fan) so when either team is playing, you can find us in front of the TV rooting for whoever’s team is playing. It only gets ugly if they play each other. 😂

Whenever we have a game, I make some kind of snacks. Yesterday it was simple — I put some wings in the air fryer then tossed them in sauce when they came out, and made cold spinach dip with veggies. Sometimes I cook something that’s a little more labor-intensive, but it’s not really what we’re eating or even the football game that’s important. What’s important is that we’re able to spend some time together doing something we both enjoy.

When I was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia, I mourned all the things we used to do, and fought hard against not being able to do some of them. My husband and I were both very active and spent a lot of time doing things outdoors. When I started experiencing the temperature regulation problems that sometimes come with fibromyalgia, I couldn’t spend as much time outside even if the pain would allow me to, and that really curtailed our fun. No more hiking, bike rides, etc….

It was easy to get discouraged if I thought about everything I’d lost, but I realized that I could still make sure we had a good time together. We just had to find some less-strenuous activities we could both enjoy.

Living with pain every single day does take its toll, and we may start to think that we can’t have fun anymore, but we don’t have to give up on it; we may just have to find new things that bring us enjoyment. They also don’t have to be big things — sometimes it’s easy to think if we can’t do something major we can’t do anything at all. That’s definitely not true. We just have to change the way we look at things we do and find something that brings us joy.

Sometimes it’s as simple as putting our own spin on a regular activity, like with our football games. We could just watch the game, but sitting together eating snacks and discussing the plays (and the bad calls) adds an element of fun to it. It makes us feel like we’re doing something a little special instead of just watching TV.

Football, Food and Fibromyalgia: Finding Joy In The Simple Things
Tucker and Coda like football too!

Sometimes though, we may find a completely new activity we can enjoy; something we never would have found if we didn’t have our physical limitations. Many people find new creative outlets, or learn new games, or even take up *gasp!* blogging.

Regardless of what we choose to do, it’s important to have fun. When things get really tough, if we can hang on to our sense of humor and find ways to have fun, we’re much more prepared to handle the hard stuff.

Do you have any ordinary things you’ve put your own special spin on to make them more interesting or fun? How about new activities you’ve found you enjoy since you’ve become ill? What simple things bring you joy? Please share!






  1. This follows so nicely from my post on focusing on what we can do, not what we can’t – “we may just have to find new things that bring us enjoyment”. Another fantastic post, Terri. Chicken wings in the air fryer sound amazing by the way… I need to try something like that as I only ever do chips in mine. Do you use frozen chicken? A bit off topic but I thought I’d ask 🙂
    Caz xx

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    1. Thanks so much Caz! You probably put the idea in my head for this post.😊 I haven’t tried frozen chicken, though when I’ve bought too many fresh, I’ve frozen the rest of them, raw. The next time I just took them out and thawed them, popped them in the fryer and they turned out great. The wings and fries are about the only thing I use mine for so far.

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  2. Well, if you can make all that good looking food for football? You must be doing OK! LOL. Thanks for stopping by my blog!
    I am excited too that football season is here! GO Oregon DUCKS! And Go Sea Hawks!!

    Funny, since I am co-writing a former NFL pros memoir right now…I should be saying; GO Broncos! But I just can’t do it…LOL.


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  3. My wife has interstitial cystitis and the picture of your food has me wishing for the “good old days.” I have a hard time eating “normally” when she is limited. Glad you have found “simple goods” of life.

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