Storms And Floods And Bats, Oh My! – Coping With Stress

Storms.....Coping With Stress

I was getting ready for church on Sunday morning when suddenly my husband came in and said, “There’s a bat in the house.” Thinking that surely I couldn’t have heard him right, I repeated what he had just said to me.

I followed him out into the family room, and sure enough, there was a bat flying around in there. We closed off the doors into the dining room and hallway to keep him contained and keep the dogs out, and set about trying to catch him. My husband grabbed my lightweight blanket that I keep out there, and whenever he got close to the bat, he would throw the blanket, trying to cover it and knock it to the ground. In the meantime, I stationed myself over by the kitchen area with a towel and whenever it came my way I’d flap the towel to try to steer it back toward my hubby.

After what felt like about an hour, but was in reality only about 10 or 15 minutes, my husband said, “I think I got him.” There was no sound or movement from under the blanket, but we didn’t see it flying anywhere, so together we gathered up the blanket as gently as we could and took it outside. Once out there, dear Hubby shook out the blanket, and off flew the bat! When we finished our bat-wrangling, I told him I was thankful it had happened while he was there, and not while I was home by myself – I’m sure I could have handled it by myself, but I sure am glad I didn’t have to.

As we finished getting ready for church I started thinking of all the *interesting* events we’ve been through recently. In just the last few months

  • We had a wind storm that took down trees at the back of our property and left us without power for three days
  • We had a tornado
  • We had a garage door opener and water heater go out in the same week
  • We had to have repairs made to my husband’s truck

and then, within the last week,

  • we had a storm in which we got 6 inches of rain in two hours that flooded parts of the city and caused major concerns that a dam close to us might fail and cause major flooding
  • we lost the Grandpa Tree
  • and we had a visit from a bat!

We’ve had some stressful events over these last few months! For quite a while, I tried to avoid any type of stress because as anyone who lives with fibromyalgia knows, stress can trigger a flare and send us to bed for days. I guarded my schedule very closely, made sure I paced myself carefully, and avoided any places or events that I thought might be stress-inducing. There was only one problem with that – the more I avoided stress, the more difficult it was to deal with stressful situations when they arose. When unexpected challenges came along, my anxiety would go through the roof. I realized that I was training myself (unintentionally, of course) to be incapable of handling the everyday stresses of life.

Let’s face it – life is stressful! We can’t control everything that happens, and when we try to completely avoid stress we may be putting ourselves into a position where we can’t handle challenges. Having the ability to deal constructively with stress is a vital part of developing resilience, and it’s important to learn to manage it rather than trying to completely avoid it. We learn coping mechanisms and management techniques so that instead of letting it derail us or send us into a panic, we recognize it for what it is and manage our reactions to it.

For our next Wellness Wednesday post, we’ll take a look at some actual stress management techniques that can help us deal with those *interesting* events we all experience from time to time. I hope you’ll join me!

Do you have a particular stress management technique that works particularly well for you? Please share!







  1. What a time you’ve been happening. I can really relate to trying to manage stress and keeping it to a minimum, and how that is just not realistic. I think attitude has a lot to do with it, as well as prioritizing. “This too will pass,” helps, or recognizing that you can only deal with one thing at one time, also helps. Moving this past week, I have had to put into practice stress management. Everywhere I look there is a task crying out for my attention, and on top of that, we have company coming this weekend and next. I start by prioritizing the things that will affect my ability to play hostess and letting the others go till a quieter time. Nothing is life and death. Take care, Terri.

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    1. Thanks so much for sharing V.J.! I think you’re onto something there with attitude AND prioritizing things. It sounds like you’re going to be busy these next couple of weeks, but isn’t it wonderful having people come to visit you in your new home? Like you said, you can concentrate on what you need to be a good hostess and just let the rest go for now.😊 Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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  2. Terri, like you said with examples in your post, life is always taking place and a lot of it is stressful. I wish I had wisdom to share but really, I just try to get outside a walk several times a week. Nature calms my soul……..

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  3. You are so right about stress. Trying to avoid it only brings on more fear and pain for me too. I am beginning to believe that the more I try to stay away from stress, I am somehow limiting God. He does His best work when we are under pressure. I don’t know if that makes sense or not. I often can make a list of things like you did, but it kept me hyperfocused on the problems. Everyone is on the gratitude bandwagon and so am I. When I do a mind-shift of my perception about the stressors to positives thoughts, it makes all the difference in the world on how I react to the stress, but it is something that I must remind myself of every day.

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    1. Thank you for sharing Cindy! I only listed the stressful events to make the point that things are going to happen that we can’t control, and I definitely could make an even longer list of things I’m grateful for.😊 I love what you said about God doing His best work when we’re under pressure. Are you familiar with the song Making Diamonds? I don’t remember who sings it but it talks about how when the pressure’s on, God’s making diamonds out of us. Have a fabulous weekend!

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