July Link Up With Sheryl From A Chronic Voice

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I know this picture of Gus-Gus has nothing to do with this link up, but I thought you might like to see that my trail cam caught him in the act…

Well, I’ve almost done it again….. I almost waited too long to participate in the monthly link up with Sheryl at A Chronic Voice. Each month I try to join in on her link up, and it seems like a lot of the time, I’m about to run out of month before I realize it…. If you’re new here, each month Sheryl comes up with five prompts, and encourages us to use at least three of them.

As always, Sheryl came up with some great, thought-provoking prompts this month. They are:

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In my May Link Up post, I mentioned that I had been working on getting my continuing education done so that I could renew my Personal Trainer and Health Coach certifications. By some miracle I managed to get everything done and in the process, pick up a specialty certification in Fitness Nutrition. I hope to be adding another specialty certification in Behavior Change sometime this year. This helps clients through the change process by addressing the many issues involved in making those changes. I used to always tell my clients the real key to making lifestyle changes is winning the battle in the mind, and this course addresses both mental and physical barriers and strategies to overcome them. I see a lot of potential in this course for helping with the lifestyle changes we have to make when faced with fibromyalgia or another chronic illness. People probably wonder why I continue to renew my certifications and seek out more since I’m not working in the field anymore, but for me, it’s all about adding value to my own and others’ lives. I know that my health and nutrition knowledge has helped me learn to live well in spite of my illness, and I hope that by sharing what I’ve learned I can help others do the same.


As I wrote about in my post I Need Your Help, WEGO Health is spreading awareness and sharing the love with patient leaders through their WEGO Health Awards. I was excited to learn that Sheryl’s blog, A Chronic Voice, was nominated for several awards. Sheryl is a huge source of support for the chronic illness community and for other chronic illness bloggers, in particular. I belong to a Facebook Group, Chronic Illness Bloggers, where we share a link to one of our posts each week. Every week Sheryl shares every single post somewhere on her social media. That’s well over 100 posts most weeks! You can find her nomination page here.

I was also excited to learn that Lee Good, who runs the Fibro Blogger Directory has been nominated for several awards as well. Lee is also a huge supporter of her fellow bloggers, and she does a wonderful job of supporting and encouraging those of us who blog about fibromyalgia through both the directory and our Fibro Blogger Facebook group. She’s become a mentor to me, whether she realizes it or not. :o) Her nomination page can be found here.

WEGO Endorsement Graphic - Show Support by Endorsing

As I said in the post about my nomination, you can vote for more than one person, so I’d encourage you to go to each of their nomination pages and endorse them even if you’ve endorsed me or someone else.

And in the interest of spreading the love even more, if you were nominated for a WEGO Award and would like to leave the link to your nomination page in the comments, I invite you to do so!

Ranting & Protecting

I’m going group these two together, because for me they’re related. I don’t do a lot of ranting. I know that it’s cathartic for many people, but for me, it only makes me angrier, which in turn causes me to dwell on whatever I’ve been ranting about. That’s counterproductive for my wellbeing. I’ve learned that I don’t have to believe every thought or emotion that goes through my mind, so I try, rather than spending any time on them, to just let them go. Don’t get me wrong; sometimes it’s a real struggle, especially when someone does or says something that hurts me or someone I love, but I’ve found that protecting our minds from negative thoughts or emotions is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. As I wrote about in What Are You Inviting Into Your Life, sometimes things that seem to be harmless can end up hurting us in the end, and for me, allowing myself that rant can often backfire and give negativity room to grow. For some people, a good rant helps them clear the air and move on. We each have to find what works for us and protects our sanity.


I’ve recently started a bullet journal, and although it’s not much to look at (I’m not very artistic), I’m really enjoying it. I love that you can make it whatever you want it to be and because you’re kind of making it up as you go along it can change and grow as you go. It’s been really helpful in dividing up all the tasks I want to do in a week so that when I’m done with all of those “small” ones they’ve added up to whatever goal I was trying to accomplish. You’ve heard of divide and conquer – dividing any project, goal, or even household cleaning task into small, doable steps can keep us from becoming overwhelmed and give us a feeling of accomplishment with each step we complete.

I’d like to thank Sheryl again for hosting this link up each month. It’s always such fun to catch up on what’s going on with others through it. If you blog about chronic illness and would like to take part in this link up, please visit Sheryl’s blog and join in!

Did any of these prompts spark a thought for you? Please share!




  1. Great link up prompts! I especially like the ranting & protecting element, think I should take a page out of your book by not dwelling on things, letting things go & protecting myself better from negativity.
    Have a lovely weekend! =]
    Caz x

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks for reading Caz! Sheryl really does do a good job of making us think with her prompts.😊 The whole “not dwelling on things” can be tough sometimes, but I try my best to just let things go. I just can’t afford the stress. I hope you have a lovely weekend as well!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Well said and thanks for sharing!…. I have some family members who have it and it is not a pleasant journey that can be taken if one makes some adjustments from time to time… all the best on your journey and hope it is as pain free as possible… 🙂

    “No road is too long for him who advances slowly and does not hurry, and no attainment is beyond his reach who equips himself with patience to achieve it.” Jean de La Bruyere

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  3. Hi Terri, thanks so much for the nomination and sharing my WeGo Health award page, it’s deeply appreciated! And I’m surprised you noticed I reshare most of the CIB links haha! As always, it’s great fun reading your prompt entry, and I like your thought merge with ranting and protecting. It’s a fantastic reminder! And also congrats on your new and improved certifications! 😉 Education is lifelong I too believe. Sending love!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for hosting us again Sheryl! I always enjoy seeing what everyone is up to, and your prompts always make me think.😊 I wish I could take credit for your WEGO Award nomination, but honestly, I didn’t know about them until I was notified about mine. I saw your nomination page as I was checking them out, and I was really excited for you! I just wanted to spread the news in case others didn’t know either…. Thanks for all you do! Sending love back!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! If all your rants are like your last post I think you’re doing fine. You gave me a good chuckle this morning.😊 When I get a little better with my journal maybe I’ll share it. I’m not sure if it’s technically a bullet journal just yet, as I’m still learning and changing it. Do you use one?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve been having fun with it, and it’s kind of growing as I go along. If you check out Pinterest you kind find all kinds of ideas. They even have some pages you can print out and use.😊 Thanks again for stopping by!

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