What’s Your Favorite….? 3/2/18

hands forming heart; What's Your Favorite...? Photo courtesy of Canva; https://reclaiminghope.blog

Happy first Friday of March everyone! Does anyone else feel that the time is just flying by? I hope you’ve all had a good week and are ready for the weekend!

Thanks so much to all of you who shared your favorite quotes! It was really inspiring to see all those great quotes in one place. If you missed it, you can see which ones everyone shared here.

For this week, since the cold weather seems to have quite a few of us who live with chronic illness flaring, I thought it would be great to get some ideas for things to do on those days when we have to take a rest and not do much. With that in mind, your question for this week is

What’s your favorite “recovery day” activity?

What kind of things do you do to pass the time when you’re not feeling well or you’ve decided to take a day to rest and recover as a preventive measure?

I hope you each have a wonderful weekend!






    1. Thanks so much for sharing Brigid! I’m sorry you’re feeling so tired this week. I hope you’ll be able to regain some energy from your cooking and reading tomorrow. I love curling up with a good book too. I hope you have a wonderful relaxing weekend! Hugs to you!

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    2. What are you hoping to cook Brigid? I’m awful in the kitchen otherwise I wouldn’t mind doing something like that as a ‘recovery day’ activity. Rest up and I hope next week is a little easier for you xx

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      1. Thank you. It was a strange week. I have been going to a vegetarian cooking class at our womens group. I made veggie burgers yesterday and hope to make a big pot of curry tomorrow. Some will go in the freezer. X🌼

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  1. Hey Everyone, just so you know….if you comment and don’t hear back from me for a while, it’s because we woke up to no electricity this morning. Luckily I had scheduled this post last night before bed, and I’m at a coffee shop right now using their WiFi. If you don’t hear from me for a while, it’s because we’re back home sitting in the dark.😂 Just kidding – hopefully they’ll have the power back on shortly so I can see your favorite way to spend a “recovery day.”

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    1. Oh dear, that’s not fun – thank goodness for coffee shop wifi! Will keep my fingers crossed the power gets resumed asap!

      As for my recovery / down time activity, I only really have reading. Not that I’m complaining as I’m grateful for so many wonderful authors and the ability to read, but I’d like other things to do (I’ll bookmark this and come back to it later to see if I can get a little inspiration from others). When my brain doesn’t want to do anything creative and my body is exhausted though, the options seem rather minimal. Will look forward to seeing what others do! xx

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      1. Thanks Caz, and thanks so much for sharing! Here it is Saturday morning and still no power…. I can’t complain too much though. Our power company is reporting that 6900 customers in our city are without power. At least we have gas logs and a gas stove.😊 And we have some great coffee shops with WiFi!😄 Reading definitely is a gift, but like you said, it’s nice to have some other things to do as well. I hope you find some great inspiration here. Have a fabulous weekend!

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  2. Terri, I love this layout! Is it a new theme? Beautiful and the colors are light and airy, making it a pleasant read! I always say after a flare it takes me 3 days to get fully up and running. (after a monster, knock down drag out flare) So for me, it is just beginning to move around without fear of extreme pain, I haven’t found an activity I really enjoy doing when coming back from the dark side… I guess, like Brigid, cooking. I like to cook a few meals for the week all at once so I don’t need to worry about my husband starving. It is something that I can plan out plan out and do.

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    1. Thanks so much Kim! I’m glad you like the layout. I put my new heading on it a few months ago, but that’s all I’ve done. I think it’s because there’s a lot of blank space around my logo.😊 Thanks for sharing. I would love to do the bulk cooking, but I just can’t seem to find the energy. It’s such a great idea! Have a wonderful weekend!

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    1. Thanks so much for sharing! Silly TV is pretty much my go-to for recovery days as well. I like to watch things that I don’t have to think about.😊 Still no power, but we have lots of company with that. In our city alone there are 6900 places that don’t have power. We’re fortunate to have gas for heat and cooking, so I’m trying not to be a baby about it.😄 Have a fantastic weekend!

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      1. Oh my! That’s not only a long time without, but a lot of people affected. Sounds like you are safe and sound though. There’s something kind of neat about fires and candlelight, for a short while at least. Stay warm and fingers crossed your power returns quickly!🌸


  3. Hi Terri,
    It can take me weeks sometimes months after a really major flare. So for the big ones I go into hibernation, limiting all stressors, having a quiet times of doing my paper crafts, reading, favorite movies, great soothing & comforting teas…I let my family know I am in a bad cycle, so they don’t worry that I am hibernating.

    Little flares take me up to a week, so just have a time of art journaling, reading, movies & writing (if brain fog not bad). All in moderation & as able of course.

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      1. Cardmaking & scrapbooking, I am doing an album each for my grandchildren of the fun things they have individually done with Poppy & I. Its their 18th birthday gift. Our eldest granddaughter had hers last year, only 9 more to go! I try & keep them updated so that if I am graduated to glory they have thiers up till that time 😉 But alas I am rather behind in keeping up…

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  4. I’m late to the party – wifi here is unpredictable. Curry sounds great, although on my recovery days, I’m usually not out of bed much, so listening to audio books or podcasts would have to be my favourite while surrounded by a slew of pillows to cushion every part of me. Back to you Terri – what do you do to help yourself recover? (Almost forgot – my trusty heating pad.)

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    1. Thanks so much for sharing V.J.! Like you, I lay low, though usually on the reclining loveseat (I found staying in bed made me more sore). I usually watch things on TV or movies that don’t make me think too much. Oh yeah, and like you said, we can’t forget the trusty heating pad.😊 Have a fabulous weekend!

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  5. Hi Terri, hope your power situation is better now. Depending on the level of recovery needed, I may paint or read or just lay in bed and do nothing and watch Netflix. I also like looking at other people’s paintings on social media but oftentimes it’s hard to engage meaningfully with art or blogs when I am too far down.

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    1. Thanks so much for sharing! I completely understand what you mean about it being hard to engage meaningfully when you’re in a flare. I’m the same way; I usually end up watching something mindless on TV. I’m happy to report our power came back on a couple of hours ago. I’m so thankful for our linemen who work so hard to restore our electricity. Have a wonderful weekend!

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