Mindfulness Monday Week 6


Path; Mindfulness Monday graphic for https://reclaiminghope.blogWelcome back to Mindfulness Monday! As you know if you’ve been following my blog, I’ve been going through the book Mindfulness, An Eight-Week Plan For Finding Peace In A Frantic World by Mark Williams and Danny Penman and sharing my journey through the meditations here. Although this is Week Six in this blog series, it’s only Week Five in the book.

This week’s focus in the book was “Turning Toward Difficulties.” My process through the book has been to read the chapter then do the meditations and habit releasers recommended each week. This week, after reading about the Exploring Difficulty meditation and learning about some of the troubling reactions one could have to it, I decided that at this point, I’m just not ready to do this.

In the article Mindfulness Is the Hottest New Trend — But Should It Be?Tchiki Davis, Ph.D pointed out that mindfulness meditation could be counter-productive for some people, and this is just my personal opinion, but the issues addressed in this chapter and following might be better suited to an in-residence program such as the one the authors developed where there is psychological help available should problematic reactions arise. So….although my Mindfulness journey doesn’t end here, my journey through the book will.

I’ve learned a lot from the book, and I will continue to use the meditations I’ve been doing so far. As I said last week, I don’t know how much progress I’ve made toward learning to relax, which was my original goal, but I do enjoy having that block of time where I can focus on something other than what’s next – I can just be in the moment rather than feeling I always need to be doing something. This has been a big help to me because I’m naturally a Type-A personality, and being limited by my fibromyalgia sometimes has caused an endless amount of frustration for me. By taking the time to slow my mind down from its frantic pace and giving myself permission to just sit quietly, I am becoming more accepting of my limitations and learning that it’s really okay to do nothing sometimes.

Mindfulness is not just about meditation though – it’s about being fully present, being completely aware from moment-to-moment, experiencing what’s happening now without immediately judging it. One of my devotionals, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young, summed up perfectly what mindfulness helps us avoid. Yesterday’s devotion talked about how people sometimes “walk through a day that is brimming with beauty and brightness, seeing only the grayness of their thoughts.” By being fully aware, we give ourselves the opportunity to experience that beauty and brightness that is all around us if we just take the time to look.

Many thanks to all of you who have supported me through this journey and helped me stay accountable. You are all such a blessing to me and I couldn’t have done it without you!



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  1. It also helps me to say in my head that I’m breathing in, I’m breathing out over and over. When my mind wanders, I come back to breathing in, and breathing out. Gives me something to focus on…….I also do best laying down…sitting makes me even more distracted……enjoy your journey!!!!

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    1. That’s a great idea for being able to stay focused on our breathing, and I might have to try lying down instead of sitting also. Hope you’re feeling better. Are you still going through the book or are you just meditating at your pace? Thanks for sharing what you’re learning!


  2. Some very good points, and I like the note on how you can miss the beauty and colours of the day by focusing on the greyness of your thoughts. It reminded me of me when you said that you’re “learning that it’s really okay to do nothing sometimes”, because it can be so freeing when you realise this and can simply sit and do nothing (no overthinking, planning or stressing either!) without feeling guilty for doing so. Thanks for sharing your mindful journey 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! I love what you said about how freeing it is to realize that you don’t have to be doing something all the time. I appreciate you coming along with me on this journey. It really has helped me stick with it when I didn’t really feel like doing my meditation some days. Hope you have a wonderful, mindful day!

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  3. Hi Terri 🙂 Always nice to bump into your Mindfulness Monday’s 🙂 So glad to see you are continuing to grow on your mission to quiet your mind and be present in the moment. I appreciate your honesty about not being ready. I think a statement like that shows just how much self awareness you have obtained while you explore meditation. Thanks as always for sharing your journey with us. God bless ❤

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    1. Thanks so much! I have really learned a lot through this, and I plan to continue at least some of the meditations I’ve learned so far. I don’t think I’ve done it enough yet to determine if it will be helpful or not, so I want to stick with it.😊 Thanks for joining me. God bless you also!

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  4. I love Sarah Young’s books. She has ‘Jesus Always’ too.
    It can be tough but a relief to accept limits in the emotional/head space too. Have your read ‘The Emotionally Healthy Woman’? It’s about quitting things which can be tough too.
    Looking forward to reading more of your blogs!

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    1. Thank you so much Brigid. I really appreciate you sharing in my journey and helping me stay accountable. I’ve learned a lot and I’m sure I’ll continue to learn as I practice more with the previous meditations. I hope you have a wonderful week!

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  5. I’m sad to read you are abandoning meditation. It has been the most helpful thing I did to come to terms with my disability, loss of a career I loved and all the other grief that accompanies a chronic illness. Perhaps if you don’t try to do it, you’ll find moments when your mind is clear and aware, and most importantly, peaceful. Many people find this serenity while interacting with nature. If you can’t talk a long walk, sit on a bench overlooking a beautiful spot and just let yourself settle down. I fully support your decision; women like you that have the courage and clarity to decide to do something that runs counter to what is expected of them are examples for us all.

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    1. Hi Ellie, I’m not actually abandoning meditation. I’ve found some of the meditations I’ve done so far helpful and plan to continue with them. I just wasn’t prepared to do the meditations in the next section of the book. I know what you mean about finding serenity in nature. Nature is definitely my “happy place.” Thanks so much for your kind words!

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